"Helping Sensitive Business Women & Entrepreneurs Who Are Overwhelmed With Their Feelings To Feel  Aligned, Make Decisions  & Focus On What Is Important For Them, Without Compromising Themselves''.

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If you are a highly sensitive person you are blessed with more than you can begin to imagine. There is a powerful way to capitalize on your sensitivity and feel serene.

The most important relationship starts in your heart and with your sacred soul’s essence. It is this that empowers you to live wonderful relationships and have more financial wealth.

It is not because you have had success in your life that your life is successful. Learning self-trust through your sacred essence while surrendering to your Higher Will and trusting in others is a life long lesson. 

"Insecure, I am fed up, and I won’t go there" shouldn’t be the words you use to describe your soul’s path, and your business’ expansion!

Common ways business women and entrepreneurs unconsciously sabotage their leadership and vision is by not merging with their powerful inner guidance and ignoring or neglecting the pulls of their soul - they do not value both their heart’s essential needs and human fundamental needs.

You weren’t born live through a closed heart - fearful and hurt ego, feel overwhelmed and scattered,  insecure and not focused, struggle with your feelings, not live from the wealth of your natural gifts & talents…

You are
MEANT TO trust with an open heart, value your worthiness and wholeness, assert your needs out of self-respect and respect for others -->FEEL beauty & love, light and grace, joy and serenity, internal freedom, -->LIVE with comfort, safety and security, soulful and fun connections, financial wealth from your gifts and talents – here’s where to start…

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Yvonne's Clients Say «I trust myself more and I am more grounded in my reality at the same time, not only recognizing the signals I get from life but accepting them making good choices, taking action feeling connected through a strong channel and with an extraordinary wellbeing that is difficult to get.»
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I am Yvonne St-Louis, Founder of Connect With Your Heart, author and certified energy healer - I specialize in helping business women entrepreneurs who want to stop struggling with insecurity and ego so they can trust more, value their deeper needs and feel soulfully aligned.  

    My promise is to guide you to include your Sacred Divine Essence in what you experience and be soulfully empowered to live with security, discernment, internal freedom, love...

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When you live in accordance to your values through compassion, assertiveness and connectedness it gives you a powerful foundation. With persistence, commitment and the excellence of your heart, you will know you are getting soulful results that are certain and meaningful for you. 

Your Greater Will, the pulls of the soul lead you to follow the signs and be well tuned in to manifest your heart’s desires. Being in harmony with your Higher Self. Everybody has this golden opportunity. When you do your part a Higher Power naturally does its part also.

Connecting with your Divine Source guides and protects you when you are faithful to the pulls of your soul.


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