Connect Through Your Heart To What Matters

Are you highly sensitive or feeling more sensitive due to changes and want to get clear 

on the next step you want to take in your life? 

 Those next steps regard:

 *Challenges or changes in career

* Starting a business or having your business and want to offer more

* Getting in or out of a relationship
*Improving a gut-wrenching situation
*Connecting with others through comfort instead of shutting down

There is a strategy behind focusing on the right needs and the pure intentions of your heart to have success and feel in alignment at a soul level. 


Are you ready to give yourself loving and caring attention to be more connected with yourself and listen to your heart?

Are you ready to surrender to the intelligence of your heart for guidance? 

You know that you can trust the whispers of your soul to feel connected and still your self-talk or unresolved past is keeping you from surrendering all the way to unshakable self-trust 

- trusting that the unknown is kind, good for you.

Are you ready to increase your self-trust, allow yourself to receive love, attention or money with a deep knowing that you are worthy?

Unlock The Magic! Life can be complicated when there are too many thoughts feeling out of control or when emotions drain energy. There is a solution to this. 
  • Being in touch with your heartfelt clarity to feel more serene - standing in your power with grace
  • Knowing your needs, what you want and why you want it 
  • Letting go what is not worthy for you or shifting a situation with limits and boundaries 
  • Overcoming an issue that causes insecurity
  • Feeling aligned with your decisions and taking action that takes you one step further
  • Feeling motivated and excited
  • Leaning more into spirituality strength and grace while being grounded with reality
  • Connecting with others from a place of comfort and fun

Connect With Your Heart is a transformational way of being that empowers you to lean into the strength of your soul’s sacred essence and guidance of the intelligence of your heart. ~ Making what you want happen through comfort! 

Allowing yourself  is embracing your full potential with a deep knowing that you are unconditionally, soulfully loved and guided in your every steps to experience confidence and freedom of choice ~ sharing quality relationships and having success with your heartfelt projects in practical ways that has a positive impact in your life including your income. 

So you want to put what makes you feel insecure under the microscope to have power over it. And you don't want to put energy or money on needs that do not satisfy you at a deeper level or be trapped by unconscious intentions that has its hidden agenda that will  at one point sabotage you at your own expense. Even more, your self-care, health, relationships, or finances can reflect the disconnection with what really matters: 
  • leaving you feeling empty and anxious, loss of appetite or difficulty sleeping, 
  • feeling frustrated and stuck without knowing what to do, waiting or settling, 
  • looking for external ways to feel more secure - essentially giving your power away to others, 
  • feel disconnected making you feel out of alignment and not centered,
  • work, and work, and work some more with little fun and leisure time.

Trusting yourself, valuing your wants and deeper needs by putting the focus on these, and especially defining your unique self-worth in both psychological and spiritual aspects is very important. Critical!

 I am committed to the intelligence of the heart ~ Leaning into the intelligence of the heart for women's personal and entrepreneurial success!


Connecting With Your Heart is not only something that you do with another person, (spouse, child, friend, client, business collaborators). 

The core of Connection is loving and caring attention with your Self, being clear your heartfelt intentions and busting out intentions stemming from fear or insecurity.  


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