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Connect Through Your Heart To What Matters


If you are spiritually driven and value emotional and spiritual health, mind, body and spirit this community may be exactly what you are looking for.

If you are highly sensitive or more feeling more sensitive due to changes or vulnerability you are in the right place.

Self-Love: Valuable Capital for your Heart & Soul. 

The More You Connect With Yourself The More Empowered You Are To Connect With Others. 

If you are an entrepreneur, this reflects the Soul of Your Business  ~ 

The positive impact and effect that you have on another person's life, heart and soul through connecting together is a sacred privilege and the most valuable currency there is. 


Valuing or Esteeming You, Your Life and Your Soul With Elegance - Your Mastery
  • Valuing your needs (start here by knowing the why behind your wants and needs)
  • Transforming "I am not good enough" or "I don't do enough" or "I don't have enough'' or I am afraid to be visible to high self-worth, esteem and love feeling worthy of attention, love and money that serves your life and your soul ~ feel satisfied at a deeper level. (hint: this is critical not to be stuck in the ego trap or even worst self-sabotage due to unfulfilled fundamental needs by unconsciously fulfilling false needs that do not give you what you yearn for deep down inside your heart. 
  • Making profitable personal or business decisions and taking action that takes you one step further with calm and certainty
  • Leaning more into the intelligence of your heart and mind through emotional and mental resilience, and spiritual strength and grace
  • AND leaning into a supportive environment of trusted people who BELIEVE IN YOU!

Feeling safe is what it's all about! Connect With Your Heart is a transformational way of being helping you to stay connected and surpass what is uncomfortable to powerfully embrace your personal growth or entrepreneurial  journey and increase in love & prosperity.

Allowing yourself through the flow of ease and simplicity!

You know that you can trust the whispers of your heart and soul to feel connected when you feel happy but when you don't feel happy your self-talk, your unresolved past gets in your way of trusting your highest good. 

Your ego voice or that nervous tension (doubt, worry, anxiety) is keeping you from surrendering all the way to receiving what you want deep down inside.

Being vulnerable or feeling insecure scare de bejesus out of you.

You know that you need money to live and at the same time you might have heard about how money is a consequence. 

Your self-carehealthrelationships, or finances can reflect the disconnection with what really matters: 

  • leaving you feeling empty and anxious, depressed, loss of appetite or difficulty sleeping, 
  • feeling frustrated by wanting to put an end to a difficulty that drains your energy
  • waiting or settling, 
  • giving and giving and receiving very little in return,
  • feeling scattered or overwhelmed,
  • struggling to manage your money to have money,
  • work, and work, and work some more with little fun and leisure time.
There is a solution to this! Connecting will empower you. Guaranteed! 


Throughout my sessions Yvonne has helped me to stay present and to connect with myself and my emotions. Our sessions have brought me big moments of peace that favoured being aware and conscious of what was necessary. Yvonne is a calm woman filled with goodness and softness. She makes the necessary links with what we seldom face in our life and does this with detachment. Our sessions have helped me to center myself in a better way, to continue on my path and be in agreement with my life choices. Thank you Yvonne!

TÉMOIGNAGE ~ Tout au long de mes rencontres, Yvonne m'a aidé à rester dans le présent et a me connecter sur mes émotions. Nos rencontres m'ont apporté de grands moments de paix, elles ont favorisés des prises de conscience qui étaient nécessaires. Yvonne est une femme calme, remplie de bonté et de douceur. Elle fait les liens nécessaires avec une distance que nous avons peu parfois face à notre propre vie. Nos rencontres m'ont aidé à mieux me centrer et poursuivre ma route en accord avec mes choix de vie. Merci Yvonne! 


Yvonne is well known for her
responsible compassion
people to the light of their heart
through discernment.
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