Are you a Woman, Grounded and Practical so you can get more  - Love - Health - Money - and make your dream a reality. These tangible and intangible benefits have a domino effect that impact you in a good way when you allow yourself to choose to be impacted in a way that feels good.

I am Yvonne St-Louis, known to many as The Angel of Connection

Are you ready to discover how to gracefully connect to self-worth and trust, and get what you deserve in every aspect of your life? 

Women are aligning what they want and need with what is genuinely important for them, and it's about time. More women around the globe are starting more businesses than ever before. The new era and economy is attracting more women to stand in their Wholeness and live their life with what has meaning for them.  Meet Yvonne St-Louis ~ leaning into the intelligence of the heart for women's entrepreneurial success.  

Being faithful to your needs and wants and your soul's yearning, and keeping your heart tender requires entrepreneurs to be practical and lean on their spiritual strength and trusted mentors. The most important relationship starts in your heart with you and your sacred soul’s essence.

This is the secret that allows you to feel empowered to live with love and freedom, share wonderful relationships and have abundant financial wealth.

Yvonne St-Louis, Founder of Connect With Your Heart, author, certified healer, international coach She has seen (and lived!) the dynamic that powerful women in business experience all too often in both their business and their relationships, including the relationship with Self. She is devoted to support these women (like you) who are ready to live a richer, more rewarding life. Yvonne is a seasoned business woman of 20 years who transitioned from a secure profession of business analysis and project management to merge with the pulls of her soul and honor her natural gifts and talents.  

"Insecure or controlling" "I am fed up!"  "I won’t go there - vulnerable is weak!"
  "This drains me!"

These should definitely NOT be the words you use to describe your soul’s path, and your business’ expansion!

Maybe you’ll see yourself in some of the most common ways business women unconsciously sabotage their leadership and vision:

  • settling or compromising themselves - not valuing their importance - not valuing their needs and asserting themselves with respect - saying no and feeling guilty or stuck with heartache
  • unclear of their human fundamental needs AND their sacred essential needs 
  • not merging with their powerful sacred inner guidance - neglecting the pulls of their soul
  • not recognizing the difference between the pulls of their soul & the pulls of their ego
  • confusing value, self-worth and wholeness especially around feelings and money
You, like every other human, are MEANT TO trust with an open heart and create prosperity with ease, grace and passion. When you assert your needs out of self-respect and respect for others, you can:

--> FEEL in harmony, confident and sure of yourself, calm, trusting, centered, knowing what is priority...
with loving & caring attention: feel comfort in your relationships (spouse, child, friend, client, business partners) –  wake up thinking more about what you want and what makes you feel good instead of thinking of everyone else but you ~ here’s where to start…  
--> LIVE without settling for less, creating a positive impact in your environment, feeling inspired, wanting to grow with life, having more clarity and focus, valuing your gifts and talents, having material comfort, surrounding yourself with a professional team and with people that are passionate and that are on the same wavelength as you.

How do you do that when your business is your priority?

The answer: be responsible to fulfil your human fundamental needs and merge with grace in even the smallest moments to make a bigger difference in your well-being, your relationships (spouse, child, friend, clients...) your business and your happiness. When you live in accordance with your values through a responsible compassion, assertiveness and connectedness it gives you a powerful foundation.

With persistence, commitment and by being faithful to yourself, you will know you are getting predictable soulful results that are meaningful for you. 

Your heart and soul does lead you to value what is important for you but when everyone else is more important than you or if your fears and insecurity get the best of you how can you know what you want and what you need, value yourself and know what is worth it for you? - when boundaries are undervalued or limits of the heart are neglected and settling is your pattern regardless how uncomfortable or comfortable you feel in your comfort zone it taxes your dream and impacts your life in a negative way.  

If you tell yourself "I'll deal with it another day" or "I don't have needs - life will give me what I need" be prepared to be impacted with life lessons that will pin you to the wall. Brace yourself for negative outcomes. You are either pro-active to empower yourself without compromise or are you a victim of your life? That is reality! When is now a time to realize at which point life goes fast and you don't always take the time to think of yourself?

When you follow the signs and do not betray or compromise yourself it positions you to manifest your heart-felt desires in every way. Are your ready to want to feel better or is your comfort zone however uncomfortable keeps you in your pattern of settling?

Connect Through Your Heart To What Matters

Designed Especially For: Sensitive women entrepreneurs and business owners who want to get out of stuck, overwhelm or feeling alone and into a richer life – especially if you ‘get’ fulfilling your human fundamental needs and the power of including your spirituality in what you live. I work best with a person that is open.

Living your dream of having your business takes strength and, in giving it, you might feel left behind in your life. Even more, your self-care, health, relationships or finances can reflect the disconnection with what really matters.

You are in the right place if your are a business woman - business owner ~ I help Experts Who Are Making A Difference, love what they do, value connection and are:

  • Tired of settling for less than you want or deserve.
  • Challenged with feeling disconnected or alone.
  • Stuck or control through insecurity more often than at peace with yourself.
  • Keep tolerating and telling yourself one day... Are you ready to get out of survival mode and your pattern of settling or compromising?
  • Love what you do but betray yourself because your are not allowing your anger to empower you with assertiveness and boundaries... how to have a richer life for yourself?

Everyone has the golden opportunity to fulfil their human fundamental needs and listen to their heart, merge with the pulls of their soul and live from the wealth of their gifts and talents – but many do not allow themselves. You do because your are here! Valuing your uniqueness, your life and your dream is worthy.

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Yvonne has been selected by Linda Ellis Eastman, CEO of The Professional Woman Network (PWN), founded in 1982, an international consulting organization dedicated to the empowerment of women and youth on a global basis, to be a co-author for a book ~ Women's Empowerment Series: The Self-Esteem Guide for Women: How to Build Confidence will be released in February 2015.

Yvonne's book
Pure Intentions of The Heart: Edging Out the Ego will be released fall 2014. Yvonne will be a key speaker to present her book and do book signing for both books in August 2015 at the PWN Prestigious International Conference that will be held in Kentucky.
Yvonne is well known for her
responsible compassion 
people to the light of their heart
through discernment.
Yvonne offers Energy Healing treatments both
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